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Crazybump is graphic tool that allows you to apply effects on your images
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Crazybump is some sort of graphic tool which I find to be very different from other common graphic applications. It lets you create 3D materials from one of your photos. Also, you can create maps that have various textures.

Crazybump is quite complex. It takes a while to get familiar with all its features and settings. And the fact that it doesn't come with any kind of help manual or tutorial is quite disappointing. Beginner users will have difficulties understanding the functionality of this program.

The first thing you need to do when working with the program is to add a photo that is going to be used as the source. A photo containing a texture will lead to more appealing results. You can then proceed to modifying various details of the photo in order to give it a 3D look (very fine detail, medium detail, large detail, etc.). A small preview window will assist you during the process. After you finish adjusting these details, you can save your work to PNG, TGA, TIF, BMP, or JPG format.

Crazybump proves to be especially useful when you want to create 3D objects or materials by using your photos. It will give them a “bump” in order to make them look three-dimensional.

Margie Smeer
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  • Offers access to a large number of settings.
  • Includes many graphic effects


  • Requires DirectX
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